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Global Peace Officer Development (GPOD™) and Dale Carnegie Training are bringing some innovative training to the Duluth area to help law enforcement officers increase community confidence and trust. "We are proud of the strong relationship the Duluth Police Department has today within the city and we want to continue to build on that foundation by committing to train our staff in ways to better communicate and build trust" said Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken.
The People Side of Business Podcast
Thanks to Benjamin Snow, President of Rapid City Economic Development Partnership, for an insightful conversation about strategy.
Matt Norman
This structural orientation reduces the need to ruminate over the past, wonder about what to do in the present and worry about the future. Structure maintains focus on the quality of the moment. By proactively creating flow, you’re able to get in the flow.
Drive Employee Satisfaction By Recognizing Leadership Blind Spots
Dale Carnegie conducted a global study to better understand what leaders can do to drive employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. In the study, we found that there are several areas that leaders and organizations can focus on that produce dramatic results. The global study also identified where leaders are not meeting their employee expectations, we are calling those leadership blind spots.​
Matt Norman, President of Dale Carnegie
Like Dale Carnegie said, we likely already possess far more courage than we realize; we just need that little encouragement to bring it to the surface so we can take the necessary steps forward.
What type of leader will you and I be? Will we be self-centered, manufacturing a small world in which we rule? Or will we lead for a story larger than ourselves through bravery and heart?
Dale Carnegie Training North Central Us
Achieve breakthrough transformation.
Results: 71 Article(s) Found